TIMEAchieve your Dreams step by step

Priya Kumar

When we look at people we admire, we generally blame their success on luck, destiny or factors that have little to do with hard work. And that serves as our greatest excuse for our lack of achievement. "I don't have the influential family status he does. I am not as rich as her. I have no talent," and the excuses go on. And because we have cleverly put all the responsibility of success on external factors, we have excused ourselves from taking any responsibility of creating success of our own lives.


If you look closely, there is hard work behind every achiever, performer, and superstar. And all paths to glory were spanned one step at a time. The guy became a millionaire, one dollar at a time.You may just have heard about the million-dollar deal he bagged in 2015, but what you didn't see is the ten-year struggle that he stuck through with, that lead him there.

Success is achieved one step at a time. If you have taken one step ahead, the success is waiting for you at the next corner.

1. Make one extra call today. If big results scare you, if the big targets seem out of your reach increase your pace and your energy, one step at a time. Make one extra call today, send one extra email today. And when that is done consistently over a period of time, you would have increased your call capacity by 60% at the end of the month. Here is the incredible part; when the input of your work is increased by 60% the output in terms of results of your work stands a chance of a 120% increase.

2. Make one person's day today. Eventually your work revolves around people. Success with people is what helps you cover the distance to your dreams faster. When people like you, it becomes easier for them to like and appreciate your work too. The larger your circle of influence, the more doors to opportunities you have created for yourself. Make one persons day today and if you do this consistently over a period of time, by the end of the month, you would have created an army of well-wishers.

3. Eat one less bite of food today. It is a proven fact that people who eat less not only live longer but also have more energy at their disposal. Losing weight is quite the preoccupation of many minds at work. And some are so disturbed with their own uncontrollable hand movements to the mouth that they would go to crazy lengths to lose what they cant stop from putting on. Body weight is closely related with self-confidence. Eat one less bite of food today. And when done consistently over a period of time, by the end of the month, you will not only look and feel better, you will also perform better.

4. Save one extra buck today. If your bank balance also determines success, then that is the easiest way to success. Save one extra hundred or thousand or ten thousand today; whatever 'one' works for you. Do it every day and do it consistently and when done with commitment over a period of time, you would become a 'self saved millionaire'.

5. Go one extra mile today. Do something today that you have hesitated to do in the past. Go beyond your own set boundaries and your own set limitations. Wake up fifteen minutes early if that is what you have been struggling with for months. Call a 'truce' with a colleague you have been at loggerheads with. Doing something that would have caused you perceived inconvenience, is an attempt of going beyond your imaginary demons and finding out the truth about your own greatness.

It's great to have the vision of your "lucky break", of your "twist of fate" of being "Destiny's favourite child". Hold on to that vision with all your might. When you do the above, you are moving towards the 'quantum leap' in your career, but until that comes along, keep walking towards that day one step at a time.

Rooting for your success.

Priya Kumar