About Us

“When work is pleasure, life is joy! When work is duty, life is slavery” Maxim Gorky

At Embassy Books, creating books is a joy.

Embassy Books is a specialized publishing and distribution firm based in Mumbai, India specializing in titles on personal growth and development.

The company is an extension of the family book business established in 1917. Embassy Books is an entity born out of great love for books, passion and sheer dedication of its CEO, Sohin Lakhani. The culture in the company is both progressive and creative, handling each title with utmost care and sensitivity. This makes it stand apart and stay true to its motto of Life Changing Books.

At Embassy Books, we bring a number of distinguished international titles to India, publish them in Hindi and various other regional languages to help it penetrate through the wider cross-section of Indian society so as to reach to the nooks and corners of the country.

We believe that there is a talented lot of Indian authors there, who can largely contribute to make a difference in the world. We are proud to publish and present such authors to the reading world across the globe.

We have a strong distribution network that aids our books reach both online stores as well as physical bookstores across the subcontinent.

Embassy Books is well-known for its self-help genre of books. We publish titles in various segments such as fiction, non-fiction, health and fitness, management, motivation, success, spirituality, biographies, etc. The only pre-requisite we have is that each title we produce should be able to empower and add value to the reader’s life.

It is rewarding to see our titles transforming the lives of millions of readers, living up to our idea of Life Changing Books.

The focus of Embassy Books is to have a selection of high quality titles, giving individual attention to each title in terms of production, distribution, promotion and sales.

Several of our books have earned the title of Best-Sellers and won international accolades. The titles in our motivational and inspirational category have been widely procured by leading corporate houses to be distributed as corporate gifts.

We publish around 100 titles a year, although we choose to focus more on the quality than the quantity.

We love what we do and take pride in our production values, as well as our selection of titles. We hope you find some great titles here and they touch your life in many ways. This would be our greatest achievement.

Enjoy browsing the site and have a Life-Changing experience.