An extract from the book BELIEVE & ACHIEVE.

Kulin Desai

At every moment we need to take a closer look at what our life is in the present and evaluate it by asking ourselves some hard questions,

Is this where I always wanted to be?

Do I deserve to be more successful?

Am I happy with my career?

Have I earned enough money?

Have I made some good relationships? Am I totally healthy?


Answers to these questions and deep introspection will bring forth some hard hitting facts. You will realize the contribution you made towards your life that has taken you to a place where you are today – desired or undesired. If you reflect back, your will realize that knowingly or unknowingly you expected those results and manifested things in your life. This is how the law of expectation works.

List out the things that have not turned out as you wished them to. Now apply the law of expectation consciously to those things. Once you make a shift from negative to positive, in the way you expect things, law of expectation will show it's magic.

Here are some useful tips to make the law of expectation work for you.

Avoid the Negative Chatter : Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Hence what you feed it with is very important. Avoid negative talk, complaining, arguing, being miserable, fearful or powerless. This can be achieved by reading inspirational books or being in the company of positive people. Avoid conversations with people who sap your energy and leave you feeling miserable and intimidated.

Always Expect the Best : Whatever you focus on grows. Start to train your mind onto good thoughts only, by developing a strong focus and thinking about things that make you happy.. Saying positive affirmations such as, " I deserve the best and I accept it now" or "I always attract good things and people in my life" are very powerful. By repeating such affirmations you start expecting the best for yourself.

Believe and Have Faith : You may believe that your desire will be manifested and you expect that to happen too. But sometimes while sailing through the rough waters in the sea of life, you may encounter doubts and uncertainties. In such a situation, if you look back you may have had a thought like, 'what if I lose everything?' which might have instilled fear and doubts. Even in a situation like this if you have faith that something good will come out of this and believe in it, it will happen.

Positive Statements Have a Large Impact : It is important to develop the habit using positive statements. For example, instead of saying 'I can't do this', you can say, 'I am sure I will be able to handle this'. This will make you look with open eyes to what the universe is offering you.

Be Clear of What You Want : I have heard people saying 'I want a good life'. But what is your definition of a good life? It is a very subjective term and the definition differs from person to person. It is very important to be clear of what you want. Only then you can ask the universe for it and can expect it.

Take Action : Suppose you wish to go on a vacation and expect and imagine it to be in a certain way; it will not manifest unless you take action. You need to plan your itinerary, book your tickets, pack your bags and board the flight. If you just sit at one place and expect that you would have a fabulous holiday, you cannot have one. Take action. That is the distance between your desire and manifestation.

Learn To Receive : To benefit out of law of expectation, you need to be good receiver. Receiving is also an art. You need to be grateful for what you have received. I have met some people who are fabulous receivers. They accept any gift given to them with so much humility and grace, that the person giving the gift feels so important and happy.

Here's a small exercise that will help you develop the energy of law of expectation,

1.Write down your desires on a sheet of paper.

2.Write down whether you believe or doubt that these will manifest against each desire.

3.Now one by one, evaluate your doubts versus the desires and indentify the limiting beliefs or the negative statements that come forth.

4.Transform these negative statements to powerful positive ones.

5.Say to yourself, 'I willingly release all the fears and doubts associated with my desire (you can write the desire)

6.Then say, "I willingly receive ......right here and right now.

Practice this until it becomes a new self-affirming belief. Feel how awesome it will be when you are living your dreams. Always end with love and thankfulness for that which will be.