• Rich Habits:The Daily Success habits of wealthy individuals

Rich Habits:The Daily Success habits of wealthy individuals

Thomas C. Corley
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J.C. Jobs was a struggling accountant, drowning in self-loathing over the death of his beloved wife and doting motheroftheirthree children,a death caused by J.C.'s inability to afford immediate medical car for his ailing wife. J.C.'s severe depression is eventually replaced by a fanatical obsession with finding the secret to financial success, possessed by only his wealthiest clients.What J.C. discovers changes his life and the lives of everyone he touches. The "Rich Habits" are ten principles created by J.C. Jobs through years of researching the daily success habits of his wealthiest clients. These ten simple principles miraculously transform every individual who comes into contact with them.By applying these principles, you are literally walking in the footsteps of the wealthy. Using the story of J.C. Jobs, author Tom Corley illustrates some of the most effective daily success habits of wealthy individuals.Habits that he himself witnessed firsthand, as president of a very successful certified public accounting firm. Most people are aware that they have bad habits, which are holding them back financially, but identifying precisely which bad habits are holding them back has always been too hard for most individuals. In Rich Habits, Tom provides a step by step financial success program that is concise,easy to understand and even easier to apply,regardless of your age, education or income level. In these tough economic times, individuals are struggling financially and desperately looking for help in achieving financial success. Every person seeks prosperity for themselves and their families, and with Rich Habits the secret to financial success, possessed by only the wealthiest individuals, will be revealed.Join the Rich Habits financial success revolution.Welcome to your new life.

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Publishing Year: 2018

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