• The New Rules Of Wealth

The New Rules Of Wealth

Ben Benson
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The purpose of this book is to make you think about how you think about money. Inaccurate or negative thoughts around money, can create a self-fulfilling prophecy and then wealth becomes almost impossible. In the New Rules of Wealth, Ben Benson turns negative thinking on its head and dispels the myths of personal prosperity. he explains in Myth 8; It's The Economy, why a recession is the best time to make money and in Myth 24; Getting Wealthy is a Win / Lose Game, why you don't need to use dirty tricks to become filthy rich. In this dynamic and thought provoking book, you will learn the myths and mwchanics of wealth generation from an entreperneur who made a personal fortune. In fact, you'll be learning them from someone who did it twice. Ben Benson built a corporate-training company worth millions from nothing. At 24, he sold up and below a fortune in 18 months. Now older, wiser and wealthy again, thanks to a business of private and commercial properties in the UK and US he's ready to share the secrets of financial success. The New Rules of Wealth is a tour de force - a straight-talking walk through the correct thinking and hard action required to generate meaningful personal wealth. Ben's own rise to riches leaves clues for any aspiring entrepreneur, the answers of which will become clear among the pages of this eye-opening book.

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Language: English
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Publishing Year: 2012

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