• Overcoming Time Poverty

Overcoming Time Poverty

Bill Quain
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OVERCOMING TIME POVERTY is Dr. Bill Quain^s latest title which addresses today^s biggest problem – Not Enough Time! Everyone is aware of it and unhappy about it, but until now no one had thought of a solution for it. Bill Quain gives a foolproof system for creating a time-rich lifestyle. He brings out the fact that YOU are a major part of the solution! Personal business ownership is a cornerstone of this system. Developing a business gives ordinary people equity. Equity creates income, allowing people to spend their time on more important things. Why are people out of time? They trade their time for dollars (or rupees) on a job. They need money, so they "sell" their time. Soon, they spend so much time working for money that they have too little time for everything else. BILL QUAIN PhD : is a popular author and speaker. His books are widely translated for distribution throughout the world. He has sold 2 million copies, in 22 different languages. Bill shows ordinary men and women how to achieve extraordinary results, and how to create a well-balanced, time & money rich lifestyle..

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Language: English
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Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788188452668
Publishing Year: 2007

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