• Udhaan Shikhar ki or

Udhaan Shikhar ki or

Shawn Anderson
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Fly Like an Eagle, Spread your Wings and SOAR to the Top. Shawn has developed a unique program that focuses on four keys that can help your soar to the top. It is based on the acronym SOAR, which stands for SEEING, Oraganizing, Acting and Rejecting. Learn how Seeing, having a vision or a dream for your life is where all success begins. Determine your destination and build your dream to unlock your highest potential. When you start seeing your future, you'll start believing it's possible for you and that vision will drive you forward. Discover how Organizing, having plan to achieve your dream is essential. Acting, taking action on your dream is the only way you can make it happen. Once you see your dream and organize a plan to make it come true, you need to act on it. Successful people are always Rejecting failure it's not an option. They don't let anyone or anything stop them and they don't care what anyone else may think, say or do. They reject negative and go for the positive.

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Language: Hindi
Stock Code: 9788188452262
Paper Count: 144
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788188452262
Publishing Year: 2003

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