Cyrus M. Gonda
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53 astounding and profitable leadership learnings from the life of India’s most loved, admired and trusted corporate and business leader of all time, including: VISION: Founder of TCS, Tata Chemicals, Titan, Tata Tea, and many other Tata Group companies AMBITION: When he took over as Chairman, the Tata Group had 14 companies with a combined turnover of Rs. 17 crores. When he retired, he had raised this to 95 companies with a turnover of over Rs. 10,000 crores INNOVATION: He gave expert technical inputs to Being on how to improve the performance of their aircraft, which Being acknowledge and implemented MOTIVATION: Aged of 78, just after suffering a heart-attack, flew solo from Karachi to Mumbai on the 50th anniversary of his first flight, solely to inspire his employees of Air India REPUTATION: It is said that in the 1960s, when India was in an external debt trap, the World Bank agreed to give India a loan on the condition that not the Prime Minister, but JRD Tata would sign on behalf of the nation COMPASSION: Initiator of many Human Resource best practices in India and globally. In fact the National Association of Foremen of USA awarded him the ‘International Management Man Award’ for developing modern and humane industrial relations in Indian factories DISTINCTION: Under JRD’s Chairmanship, Air India was ranked the Best Airline in the World based on Service Quality by a Global Quality Expert. All the above, in stunning detail, along with literally hundreds of other terrifically engaging, inspiring and implementable stories, anecdotes, facts, quotes and tips of JRD as well as other leaders from every era of history and every corner of the globe are in this book to help you excel in your leadership journey in a structured manner

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Publishing Year: 2018

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