• The Ideal Executive

The Ideal Executive

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes
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This book rests on the premise that the ideal leader, manager, or executive- ideal in all sense that he can be fulfill by himself all the roles necessary for the long and short term effectiveness and efficiency of an organization- does not and cannot exist. All the books and textbooks that try to teach us to be perfect managers, leaders, or executives are based on the erroneous assumption that such a goal is possible. This book explains why it is not. The solution provided by Dr Adizes, based on 30 years of successful application. Learn from this book: * How to compose a complementary team * How to structure the company correctly * How to harness conflict that necessarily will emerge within a team composed of diverse styles KEY SELLING POINTS - The world^s leading authority on the subject - Contains proprietary Adizes methodology not found elsewhere Used by top organizations worldwide- including Fortune 100 companies - the core of this book actually shows a person how to manage as well as how to diagnose mismanagement- and know what to expect from each. Adizes is the best kept secret in America. Discover him! The sooner you do , the better off you^ll be- Ken Blanchard ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr Adizes is one of the leading management experts in the world. He has been ranked by Leadership Excellence Journals as one of the top 30 thought leaders in management and leadership. He has been awarded with 15 honorary doctorates and two honorary citizenships. For his contributions to humanity he was awarded with the prestigious Ellis Island Medal Of Honor.

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Publishing Year: 2014

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