• The Progress Challenge

The Progress Challenge

Dean Lindsay
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The Progress Challenge is just that, a challenge - a challenge to progress, a challenge to work and win in this complicated, stress-encouraging, wonderful world of continual, radical change. Meeting The Progress Challenge helps you : 1 Become Business Attraction Magnets. 2 Focus on Inspiring Progress, and Not Apologize for Change. 3 Aim for Progress not Perfection. 4 Go from Stress to Progress. 5 View Time Management as Self Management. Key Selection Point : 1 Topic is of great interest in the corporate world. 2 Covers a range of topics from management to life management and personal effectiveness. 3 Encourage a healthy Work/Life balance.

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Language: English
Stock Code: 9789380227894
Paper Count: 224
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789380227894
Publishing Year: 2011

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