• The Bamboo Principle

The Bamboo Principle

Ken Lodi
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The Bamboo Principle explains how each of us can take charge of our talents and rise from ordinary to extraordinary. Looking at the behavior of seemingly gentle bamboo, one of nature^s most remarkable plants, it draws a model on achieving greatness and increasing fulfillment. You will learn how to apply the bamboo^s core characteristics- STRENGTH, VERSATILITY and CONTRIBUTION to your own life to achieve lasting SUCCESS. The mission of The Bamboo Principle is simple and significant: change the way you perceive your roles at work, adapt your strengths to changing circumstances to ensure versatility, and achieve in the broader context of responsible achievement and contribution. The book shows how to establish your root system, and create a solid foundation on which you can expect lasting success. This is not about adopting a single skills, it is about following a process that yields the results you want faster. Follow the paths cleared by great companies and high achievers and take your performance to the next level. * Small, easy -to-read * Powerful principles captured with minimum words ""Enlightening, inspiring book which details your path to achieve sustainable personal and professional growth"" Stephen R. Covey, Author of The Habit Highly Effective People.

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Publishing Year: 2014

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