• No Excuse I'M Doing It

No Excuse I'M Doing It

Jay Rifenbary
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ARE YOU DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE IT HAPPEN? If Not, What’s Holding You Back? THE ONE KEY action you need to take before you can move on? THE MAIN INGREDIENT you need to overcome the fears of failure and rejection, so you can contact anyone? HOW TO UNDERSTAND people so you can increase your sponsoring rate and develop the skills to be an effective leader? WHY YOU NEED A DREAM, how to discover and build it, and set goals to achieve it? HOW TO INCREASE your enthusiasm and develop the attitudes and habits of a winner, so you’ll be an example for others? HOW TO BLAST – THROUGH your obstacles and accomplish your goals, so you get free and live your dream? HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE, not just busy, and Inspire others to take action, so your group can grow? Inside You is the Reason Why --- Your Dream. When people take total responsibility for their own success and stop making and accepting excuses, their business can really start to blossom.

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Language: English
Stock Code: 9788188452149
Paper Count: 208
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788188452149
Publishing Year: 2005

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