• Seven Practices of A Mindful Leader:Lessons from Google and A Zen Monastery Kitchen

Seven Practices of A Mindful Leader:Lessons from Google and A Zen Monastery Kitchen

Marc Lesser
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What would your work and your life look like if you knew how to stay focused yet flexible? What would it be like if you get the right things done, and help create a more peaceful world at the same time? Today’s leaders are grappling with the pace and complexity of change, the challenge of supporting healthy collaboration and alignment among teams and the resulting stress and burnout. The practice of mindful leadership may be one of the most important competencies in business today if leaders are to move beyond fear, anxiety, nagging self-doubt and the feeling of constant overwhelm. The principles in this book can be applied to leadership at any level, providing readers with the tools they need to shift awareness, enhance communication, build trust, eliminate fear and selfdoubt and minimize unnecessary workplace drama. Embracing any one of the practices in Seven Practices Of A Mindful Leader alone can be lifechanging. When used together, they support a path of well-being, productivity and positive influence. Practicing mindful leadership will allow you to achieve results — with more energy, clarity, meaning and connection. Your intentions and actions will be more aligned. You will accomplish more with less effort.

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