• Your Personality In Handwriting

Your Personality In Handwriting

Lyn Brook
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Each person’s handwriting is unique and is a reflection of their personality. Graphology is the study of handwriting to understand the personality of a person. Whether you a doing it for fun, or to make a professional deduction, it is an interesting when you start noticing the characteristics that are revealed through a person’s written script. Be it the size of the letters, the slant of the stroke or the way the alphabets are connected. Everything that one writes on a page reflects numerous traits of the person’s character. Handwriting analysis can be used for various purpose including recruitment, interviewing, candidate selection, handling people around you, or simply astonishing your friends. When you apply this wonderful analysis and see it work, it is truly amazing!

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Language: English
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ISBN: 9789385492402
Publishing Year: 2015

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