• In Your Face

In Your Face

Bill Cordingley
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DISCOVER HOW TO READ A PERSON LIKE A BOOK We all want to find relationships that will enrich our lives , However , it is often difficult to find the right persons – someone who has the traits which are compatible with you . What if you could take one look at a person and tell whether or not that persons is right for you , either as a spouse , or as a business partner , as an employee or boss , or simply as a friends. Now you can !! The amazing techniques in this book will tell you exciting things about a persons at a glace, such as:

• How to tell from a person’s FOREHEAD if he or she would take charge of a situation

• How the size a person’s CHIN can be an indicator of whether the person would like a lively physical relationship.

• How the shape of person’s NOSE can indicate if a persons is critical of others and finding faults or if the persons will live and let live.

• How the CURVE OF THE MOUTH AND SIZE OF THE LIPS can betray if the person is affectionate or reserved and if the person is a pessimist or optimist.

This book gives you all the skill you need to read faces.With illustrations and photographs that will help you understand the craft and apply it to better understand those around you.

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Language: English
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Publishing Year: 2015

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