• The Little Prince:An all-time classic

The Little Prince:An all-time classic

Antonie de Saint-Exupery
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It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye.

A pilot accidentally lands in the middle of the Sahara Desert when his plane crashes. Left with supplies that would last him for a week, the aviator finds himself completely isolated with no human habitation around. Tired, he falls asleep on the sand, and is woken up by an odd little voice. He opens his eyes to be greeted by a captivating little boy with golden hair and a loveable laugh appearing out of nowhere, asking him to draw a sheep. Thus starts his journey with the little prince who claims to be visiting earth from another planet.

The little prince shares with the aviator how he lives on a tiny asteroid and asks him questions about planet earth. Thus starts an engaging fable that takes the reader through a series of emotions and questions, covering loneliness, friendship, values, love, and loss.

Through this fable, Saint-Exupéry touches upon the willingness of children to be open-minded and explore the world around them and within themselves.

It is impossible not to be moved deeply by this masterpiece and also become enamoured with its naïve but beautiful artwork by Saint-Exupéry himself. The world of the imagination wins hands down. While adult readers can find deep meanings in his various encounters, they can also be charmed back to childhood by this wise but innocent little prince ."

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Publishing Year: 2022

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