• The Book Of Karma:The Buddha, Darwin & Beyond

The Book Of Karma:The Buddha, Darwin & Beyond

Dhananjay Chavan
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About This Book

"Karma"" means different things to different people, from just a simple cause and effect relationship to the karmic theory that presupposes rebirth.

Our philosophical and spiritual beliefs give meaning and purpose to life. They affect the wellbeing of the individual as well as the society.

The follower of the Buddha is mindful and objective towards one's beliefs, and fearless in questioning their validity. Science is not only a reliable source of knowledge but also an invaluable tool for such an inquiry When we examine karma and rebirth in the context of both the Buddha's teaching and the science of evolution, many questions follow naturally. This book explores some of those issues."

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Language: English
Publisher: Embassy Books
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Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789392217012
Publishing Year: 2023

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