• The Amazing Health Transformation:Powerful Science-Backed Habits That Will Make A Big Difference to Your Health

The Amazing Health Transformation:Powerful Science-Backed Habits That Will Make A Big Difference to Your Health

Ritesh Bawri
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About This Book

This book is based on well-researched scientific principles of good health. Science says that longevity and good health are an outcome of adequate and good quality sleep, complete balanced nutrition, regular exercise, absence of toxicity and our state of mind. Collectively managing these, helps us prolong life naturally, without much medication. Contrary to perception, living this way is easy, not hard.

The Amazing Health Transformation explores the scientific principles underlying each of these ¬have facets of good health. It seeks to define good health, and explore the principles that govern good health – homeostasis, for example. In a simple, easy to comprehend manner, the book attempts to explain weight and weight management, nutrition, what comprises a complete balanced meal, and the reason we need to exercise. It delves into the science of sleep, the factors that affect our sleep and what we can do to fix most sleep- related issues.

Toxins are one of the most critical factors that affect good health. This book explains what toxins are, how prevalent they are in our society and circumstances, and simple principles that we can adopt to reduce the toxicity in our lives.

Finally, it attempts to explain the human mind, the way it functions, and the efforts required to regulate our sympathetic nervous system. While doing so, it explores the principles of hormesis to help us build the capacity to withstand shock and stress, the role of nutrition in the way we think and feel, and simple steps required to change our state of mind. This book is written in a narrative style, with personal examples from the author’s life, and also draws on other entities, whose discoveries have helped us understand many aspects of the human body.

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