• The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Eric Jorgenson
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"GETTING RICH IS NOT JUST ABOUT LUCK; HAPPINESS IS NOT JUST A TRAIT WE ARE BORN WITH. These aspirations may seem out of reach, but building wealth and being happy are skills we can learn. So what are these skills, and how do we learn them? What are the principles that should guide our efforts? What does progress really look like?

naval ravikant="" is="" an="" entrepreneur,="" philosopher,="" and="" investor="" who="" has="" captivated="" the="" world="" with="" his="" principles="" for="" building="" wealth="" creating="" long-term="" happiness.="" almanack="" of="" naval="" a="" collection="" naval's="" wisdom="" experience="" from="" last="" ten="" years,="" shared="" as="" curation="" most="" insightful="" interviews="" poignant="" reflections.="" this="" isn't="" how-to="" book,="" or="" step-by-step="" gimmick.="" instead,="" through="" own="" words,="" you="" will="" learn="" how="" to="" walk="" your="" unique="" path="" toward="" happier,="" wealthier="" life.="" <="" p="">

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Publishing Year: 2022

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