Jack Canfield & Ram Ganglani
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Most individuals want to lead a life of success and health, being free from worry and sadness. The Magical Book of Affirmations has over 400 powerful affirmations to accelerate your breakthrough to success. This is one such book which gives you tools and strategies to beat depression and despair.

The Magical Book of Affirmations was written keeping in mind the lack of emotional well-being in modern times. Mental fatigue can seep into your daily life, making you lethargic and cranky throughout the day. It is a book that was written to emancipate people from the fatigue and tiredness that plague everyday existence.

This book comes with real-life exercises that help the reader in understanding the point that the author is trying to make. In one exercise, the author asks the reader to repeat words which have a negative meaning such as depressing, offensive, frightful, scary, sickening and boring. Notice how a change occurs in your mood as you repeat those words. You feel low and less motivated. After this, the book gives another exercise where it asks to do the same exercise but by repeating words which are positive such as amazing, gorgeous, joyful, superb, wow, happy and brilliant. You will instantly start feeling better, more motivated and happier. This is the power of positive reinforcement. Many people go through their day, be it at work or at home, with constant thoughts of negativity. This book helps one identify that negativity, cut it out and replace it with positive thinking.

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Publishing Year: 2021

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