• The Vedas for Everyone

The Vedas for Everyone

Narada Kush
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"The Vedas are the oldest records of mankind and are the holy scriptures of more than one billion people all over the world. At the same time, they are perhaps the least understood and the least accessible scriptures in the world. In spite of many comments by scientists, philosophers and other scholars, is their meaning often considered as mystical and unclear.

In this book the deeper meaning of the Vedas is unfold by the popular Dutch author Nārada Kush in a unique way and the result of this can be summarized as follows:

.The Vedas are divine revelations that have been developed without the intervention of the human intellect.

.They are cognized by the ancient seers (rishis) who were in direct contact with higher dimensions, where the gods and demigods remain.

.The Vedas contain all wisdom about existence, creation and human evolution.

.They are structured in such a way that they give their own universal comment."

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