• Simply Punjabi

Simply Punjabi

Shipra Khanna
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"Simply Punjabi is a collection of authentic recipes from different areas of Punjab.

Punjabi cooking is made up of rich and wholesome ingredients. It blends with the qualities of the people of Punjab — robust and lively.

Whether it is Punjab di Lassi - with a thick layer of malai on top or Sarson da Saag te Makki di Roti with a large dollop of homemade white butter, every Punjabi dish is a food lover's delight.

Most Punjabi recipes render themselves easily to both meat and vegetarian options.Punjabi food is possibly the most popular of regional Indian cuisines. Many of the authentic Punjabi recipes are found being served in restaurants across the world and made in homes all over India.

There are barely any Punjabi dishes that are not finger-licking good! Simply Punjabi brings to you the best of Punjabi food.

It is simply amazing to discover how rich we are as a nation in terms of our cuisine and culture and food unites us as a people.

Master Chef Shipra Khanna presents the Simply Series that aims at reaching out to people with authentic regional cuisines of India."

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