• The 84,000 Dhammakkhandha of Buddhism

The 84,000 Dhammakkhandha of Buddhism

Dr. Vinod D Rangari
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The preachings of the Buddha have been scripted in a number of volumes of the Tipitaka, the pali Canon.It has been recognized that the numerical extent of the Buddha's complete teachings consists of 84,000 Dhammakkhandha (Dhamma aggregates). This magic number has also been envisioned in the legend of king Asoka, Mahayana,Sarvastivada and Zen practices.However, it has not been validated since 2600 years of Buddhism. Suddhadhamma has discovered the basis of 84,000 Dhammakkhandha through his practice of satipatthana meditation. It is based on the Mahasatipatthana Sutta - A discourse on the four foundations of mindfulness that covers 84,000 Dhammakkhandha Of Buddhism.These Dhamma aggregates practically expounds the psycho-cosmic topography of the Enlightenment and Wisdom. In this book, the author explores 84,000 Dhammakkhandha and reveals how they interconnect and transforms the mind for the realisation of Nibbana, the ultimate liberation.

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