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"Life is tough, embrace and lift its offerings.

People are always given two choices when they are knocked down; either to take up the challenge or to sustain for good.

Which choice will you settle for? How will you live your life? Can you plan your life to avoid the inevitable obstacles and hardships? No, because if you get past the first hindrance, the second or the third will bring you down. Train yourself to prepare for the worst while expecting the best.

Mental Toughness & Iron Will is a guidebook into becoming someone who stops at nothing to achieve their goals.

Through the pages of this book you will learn how to:

- building the skill habit of mental toughness

- become invincible

- build bulletproof mental armour

- face failure and fear head on

- become relentless, persistent, and unstoppable in achieving your goals

Mental toughness is one of the biggest differences between the life you want and a life you settle for. The choice is yours; the solution is here."

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Language: English
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Publishing Year: 2019

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