• The Science of Likability

The Science of Likability

Patrick King
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Why do some people instantly like us, while others don’t. Is hitting it off and becoming friends with people purely a roll of the dice? Or is there something more we can do to control our chances of connecting with people? Is there a science to being liked? In The Science of Likability, the author takes scientifically proven principles from the world of psychology and extracts core principles which you can use to get people to like you. Yes, there are ways of getting along with people and these secrets can be learnt. As part of the research, the author uncovers insights from great masters of psychology such as Freud, Cialdini, Pavlov, Schachter and Goleman. He distills their work in the area of people skills into key steps that you can put into action. This takes the “chance” out of the game of winning with people and makes likability into a science. Patrick King has been writing since a very young age. He has been covered by the likes of Forbes, Business Insider and The Huffington Post among others. Pick this book if you wish to learn how to: - Turn enemies into friends - Win at negotiations - Work well with others - Build credibility and gain trust - Build lasting friendships Small and subtle actions yield big results.

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Language: English
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Publishing Year: 2019

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