• Positive thinking Positive living

Positive thinking Positive living

Dr. David Fong
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Too often, we find ourselves on a very different path from the one we thought we were meant to be taking, and too often we blame others for these unplanned diversions. But not any more. Now, it’s time to take responsibility for the way you live. It’s time to claim your life as your own and embrace change. This book can help lead you towards becoming the confident, happy, successful self that you have the potential to be.

In an irreverent and sympathetic book bursting with useful advice, invaluable tips and information about specific problem areas, clinical psychologist Dr David Fong will explain where self-doubt comes from, its effects and how to banish it. You will learn how to grow from negative experiences and use them to your benefit. It’s time to stop hiding from those decisions that you need to make and really start living. Positive Thinking, Positive Living is just that. No rash claims – no miracle cures – just a practical and achievable approach to improving your life. It could be the start of a new you!

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