• Your Financially- Life ... Finance and Films!!

Your Financially- Life ... Finance and Films!!

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About This Book

Do we have a definite 'purpose' in mind when we think of money and wealth? Are we 'aware' of the right path we need to tread ? and most importantly how far do we need to go in our quest for ' happiness ' ? Spanning over two decades and across 3 countries, this book takes you along the intriguing 'financial' life stories of two diverse romantic couples bound by similar circumstances but different destinies and fate ! Is it going to be a catastrophic or a dream ending for them ? Quite subtly yet powerfully, the important aspects of financial planning and life planning come to the fore. With an underlying ' Bollywood ' current, interspersed with a gamut of emotions and written in a simple manner, the reader is compelled to re-think on his 'Personal Finances' and revisit his 'Life'.

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Language: English
Publisher: CNBC TV18
Stock Code: 9789384061661
UPC: 1
Paper Count: 256
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789384061661
Publishing Year: 2017

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