• Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Robert louis stevenson
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Treasure Island (Collins Classics) is a book about sea pirates and hidden treasure. Written by the famed Robert Louis Stevenson, it is a book which has been enjoyed by audiences from all over the world since it was first published in 1883. The main protagonist of the book is a young adult named Jim Hawkins. The author makes use of a first-person narrative and writes from the perspective of Jim Hawkins throughout the book. The last few chapters however are narrated by Doctor Livesey, another major character of the story. Jim is a 17-year old lad who lives in a small sea-side English village. He looks for adventure in life and finds it one day when a mysterious seaman named Bones becomes a lodger at the inn owned by Jim's family. Eventually, it becomes evident that Bones is in hiding from someone. After a few months, another sailor named Pew visits Bones and leaves him a pirate summons. Due to this incident, Bones dies of shock and leaves his bag of belongings in Jim's inn. Jim survives a deadly attack when pirates raid his inn in order to get the bag left by Bones. In the nick of time, Jim manages to grab the single-most important artefact from the bag. This bag contains mysteries beyond his comprehension and leads him and his friends on a dangerous adventure in pursuit of mythical treasure. One of the greatest adventure novels of all time, Treasure Island (Collins Classics) introduced the enigmatic character of Long John Silver, the legendary sea pirate, for the first time in history. It was published by Harper Press in 2001 and is available as a paperback.

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Language: English
Publisher: Harper Collins
Stock Code: 9780007351015
Paper Count: 272
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780007351015
Publishing Year: 2010

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