• The Way Of The Sufi

The Way Of The Sufi

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"Sufis are past masters in parables. Sufis know how to say in parables things which cannot be said. They have created the best parables in the world. "A parable is a way of saying things in an indirect way. Truth cannot be asserted directly. That is too violent, too aggressive, too male. Truth can only be said in a very indirect way. It can be hinted at, indicated. You cannot be convinced of the truth: you can only be persuaded. And the master is one who is not going to convince you of the truth but who is going to seduce you into truth." Osho "How can you see the master if you are not vulnerable to him? How can you see the master if you don't know even what it is to be a disciple? The beginning of the finding of a master starts by being a disciple. The real seeker does not worry about the master, where he is. His whole concern is how to create the disciple in himself, how to be a learner, open to reality; how to function from innocence and how not to function from the state of knowledge."

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Publishing Year: 2007

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