• The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership

The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership

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***IF YOU WANT TO UPDATE THE INFORMATION ON YOUR TITLE SHEET, THEN YOU MUST UPDATE COPY IN THE "PRODUCT INFORMATION COPY" FIELD. COPY IN THE "TIPSHEET COPY" FIELD DOES NOT APPEAR ON TITLE SHEETS.*** HOOK/POSITIONING: From bestselling author of The Toyota Way Jeff Liker, and former Managing Officer Toyota Motor Corporation Gary Convis, The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership presents a four step model of lean leadership development -- the key to achieving excellence and extraordinary results. Toyota's success has inspired tens of thousands of organizations to adopt some form of a "lean" program. The term was introduced in The Machine that Changed the World and later in Lean Thinking as a new paradigm as monumental as the shift from craft-style to mass production. The focus of lean is always on the customer and the value stream. It is a pursuit of perfection by constantly eliminating waste through problem solving. Certainly an organization truly dedicated to becoming lean is on a path toward excellence. Yet, a large survey conducted by Industry Week in 2007 found only 2 percent of companies that have a lean program achieved their anticipated results. More recently the Shingo Prize committee that awards excellence in lean manufacturing went back to past winners and found many had not sustained their progress after winning the award. Why is the pursuit of excellence through lean not working. In this book Liker and Convis argue the reason is a failure of effective leadership development. We do not believe it is just any type of leadership needed, but a very different view we will call lean leadership. Lean leaders were developed by Toyota naturally in Japan since the founding of the company. As they globalized they needed to figure out how to develop leaders in other cultures and make the method more explicit. Gary Convis was a leader that Toyota developed and then he began to develop others in Toyota and then later as he took over as the CEO of Dana. We develop a four-step model of developing lean leadership which is then the organizing framework of the book. We use stories from Toyota and later Dana to bring the lean leadership development cycle to life. KEY SELLING FEATURES: Past books in the Toyota series talk about the role of leadership as one of many topics, but this will be the first dedicated to an exclusive focus on developing lean leadership. All titles in Toyota Way franchise are bestsellers TARGET AUDIENCE: Organizations throughout the world that have adopted some form of operational excellence, lean, six sigma, continuous improvement, and want to learn how to make the results stronger and more sustainable through effective leadership. AUTHOR MARKETING/PUBLICITY/SALES PLATFORM: Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker (Ann Arbor, MI) is Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan and principle of Optiprise, Inc. Dr. Liker has authored or co-authored over 75 articles and book chapters and nine books. He is author of the international best-seller, (i>The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer, McGraw-Hill, 2004 which speaks to the underlying philosophy and principles that drive Toyota's quality and efficiency-obsessed culture. The companion (with David Meier) The Toyota Way Fieldbook, McGraw Hill, 2005 details how companies can learn from the Toyota Way principles. His book with Jim Morgan, The Toyota Product Development System, Productivity Press, 2006, is the first that details the product development side of Toyota. He is doing a series of books focused on each of the 4Ps. The first books are (with David Meier), Toyota Talent: Developing Exceptional People the Toyota Way (May, 2007) and (with Michael Hoseus) Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way (January, 2008). His articles and books have won eight Shingo Prizes for Research Excellence and The Toyota Way also won the 2005 Institute of Industrial Engineers Book of the Year Award and 2007 Sloan Industry Studies Book of the Year. He is a frequent keynote speaker and consultant. Recent clients include Hertz, Caterpillar, AMD, Android, Areva, Rio Tinto Mining, Tenneco Automotive, Jacksonville Naval Air Depot, US Airforce Material Command, Johnson Controls, Harley Davidson, Eaton, and Fujitsu Technical Services. Gary L. Convis, 68, is a consultant to Dana Holding Corporation, a $6.1 billion supplier to the global automotive, commercial vehicle, and off-highway markets. Mr. Convis previously served as CEO of the company from April 2008 to January 2009, Vice Chairman in 2009 and Senior Advisor to the CEO in 2010.

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