• The Three Laws of Performance

The Three Laws of Performance

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In our work lives when something isn't working, we struggle with what part of the problem to tackle first. Do we start with cost reduction? What about morale or should we go for process improvements first? We pick the problem to work on and depending on whether our plan makes sense, one of two things happen. First, we fail and then we add "Frustration" to our list of problems. Two, we succeed and then some new problem pops out to replace the old. We cut 10 percent out of our budget and our star performers leave in frustration because we sliced what they saw as a critical program. It's as though the system we're working on is an old inner tube. The moment we patch one hole and add pressure, another spot tears open. The point is that it's possible to change everything at once. Seem far fetched? Zaffron and Logan make a compelling argument that executives spend their time and money adjusting the systems in which people operate rather than targeting people's performance directly. When the three laws in this book are applied, performance transforms to a level far beyond what most people think is possible. Table of Contents: Introduction: The Power of Rewriting the Future Part I: The Three Laws in Action Transforming an Impossible Situation Where is the Key to Performance? Rewriting a Future That's Already Written Part II: Rewriting the Future of Leadership With So Many Books on Leadership, Why Are There So Few Leaders? The Self-Led Organization Part III: Mastering the Game of Performance Who or What is Leading Your Life? The Path to Mastery Breaking the Performance Barrier

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