• The Quality Revolution

The Quality Revolution

Steve Smith
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Over the last decade, some businesses have been transformed out of all recognition using the power of the "Quality" concept, others have failed miserably attempting to apply the same principles. This book examines what the successful companies are doing, drawing on a wealth of examples from Japan, Europe and the USA. Steve Smith believes the leader of an organization has to instill revolutionary change to reap the dramatic effects of a leaner, sharper, better business and that a strong quality process is the vehicle for such change. It is neither simple nor easy to implement. The book helps readers to learn from the successes and mistakes of others who have managed the transition to higher customer satistfaction, flexibility, efficiency and profitability. With this book readers should learn how to start and sustain a revolution in their own organization, be they a multinational or a simple business unit, whether service or manufacturing.

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Language: English
Publisher: Management Books 2000 Ltd
Stock Code: 9781852511135
Paper Count: 400
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781852511135
Publishing Year: 1994

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