• The Productivity Project

The Productivity Project

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"• For readers who made David Allen's Getting Things Done a perennial bestseller, a fresh and entertaining exploration of the best ways to accomplish more. • Chris's blog, alifeofproductivity.com, has over 250,000 monthly unique visitors • The approach in the book is rooted in human nature and imposes no unrealistic productivity laws - instead, the advice is often humourous and the author candidly shares w hat didn't work and which experiments he failed to complete • 'Chris Bailey might be the most productive man you'd ever hope to meet.' - TED blog • 'Here's a book that promises, in the title, to pay for itself. And, the truth is, it w ill, in just a few days. And you'll even enjoy the journey.' - Seth Godin, author of LINCHPIN • 'Chris has written the ultimate guidebook for setting your life on fire. Read it, and you'll not only get more done, you'll feel better about it too.' - Laura Vanderkam, author of 168 HOURS • 'So often we get stuck just doing what we have always done, even if it's not really working. This book helps you cut through all the productivity advice out there to find and test w hat really works for you.' - Shawn Achor, positive psychology. Nearly all of us want to be more productive, but finding the method that works for you among the hundreds and hundreds of different tips, tricks and hacks can be a daunting prospect. After graduating college, Chris Bailey decided to dedicate a whole year to doing just that - experimenting with as many of the techniques as he could, and finding the things that work. Among the experiments that he undertook are: going several weeks on little to no sleep; cutting out caffeine and sugar; taking a daily siesta; living in total isolation for 10 days; stretching his workweek to 90 hours; and getting up at 5:30 every morning, all the while monitoring the impact of his experiments on the quality and quantity of his work. The results were often surprising! This book is the result of Chris's year-long journey, distilling the lessons he learned into a few core truths about how we get things done (or, indeed, don't). Among the many counterintuitive insights Chris discovered that had the biggest impact on his productivity were striving for imperfection; scheduling less time for important tasks; the 20 second rule to distract yourself from distractions; and the concept of productive procrastination. In this accessible and fun guide, Chris Bailey offers over 30 tried-and-tested best practices that will help everyone to accomplish more - and become more awesome. "

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Language: English
Publisher: Hachette Book India
Stock Code: 9780349413051
Paper Count: 304
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780349413051
Publishing Year: 2016

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