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"The Secret - The Power, available in hardcover, is a self-help book, which tries to explain to the readers the concept of power that is universal in nature. It describes how this knowledge can be related to money, self-belief and love, to harness happiness and achieve goals and desires. In this book, the author talks about how having a strong belief in oneself helps people to achieve whatever they wish for in their lives. From relationships and good health, to money and dreams, every aspect of one's life can be good by developing the power to believe. The book further describes how power can help to create anything that is desired. The various concepts concerning power are explored in detail in the Power. From the power of feelings to the key to power, different topics are covered here. It also describes the significance of power with respect to money, health, relationships and life. The author explains how good feelings can be generated by learning to appreciate and love everything around us. The Secret - the Power, was published on 17th August, 2010. The author expresses the important role that feelings play in our lives. The point that everything depends on how one feels is stressed throughout the book. Focusing on only good memories and not dwelling on the past bad episodes is said to attract positive changes in life. It also describes the law of receiving more love on giving more love.Key Features: This book is a sequel to the Secret, which was published in 2006. It is a best-seller and has gathered an income of more than $300 million around the word. The book has also been adapted into an audio CD. About the Author Rhonda Byrne rose to fame as a best-selling author across the world with her book The Secret. She is also a television producer. Byrne was listed by the Time magazine as one among the top 100 most influential people. Apart from this book, she has also authored The Magic, The Secret Daily Teachings and The Secret Gratitude. "

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Language: English
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Stock Code: 9780857201706
Paper Count: 272
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780857201706
Publishing Year: 2010

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