•  The Effortless Mind: Meditation for the Modern World

The Effortless Mind: Meditation for the Modern World

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A guide to the unique power of Vedic meditation to overcome stress and anxiety, helping us to thrive. ‘Will’s meditation is a game changer. If you want to understand meditation more deeply and how you can harness the benefits in the most profound ways possible, the effortless mind is where it’s at. I will be giving this important book to everyone i know. ’ Jasmine hemsley, author of the art of eating well‘will makes meditation cool. Say hello to a clearer mind thanks to your new bulletproof technique to help you relax and unleash your best self. ’Madeleine Shaw, author of get the glow daily life can feel like a fast-paced treadmill, leaving little time to unwind, re-charge and do what brings us joy. Meditation is a powerful way to hit the pause button, increase your energy and start to enjoy life more. The effortless mind is renowned meditation teacher will Williams's must-have guide for modern-day meditators. Suffering from chronic stress and insomnia, will undertook years of research and training with leading experts from around the world, which led him to find the cure he was looking for in Vedic meditation. In the effortless mind, will explains how his Vedic-inspired method of meditation has transformed the lives of his students – all of whom are busy people of all ages and all backgrounds. Their inspiring stories and the scientific research into meditation show the profound physical, mental and emotional benefits you can gain from such a simple daily practice, including more energy, better sleep, greater clarity, less anxiety and a happier outlook on life.

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Language: English
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Stock Code: 9781471167911
UPC: 1
Paper Count: 336
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9.78147E+12
Publishing Year: 2018

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