• Switch: Sales Transformation for Strategic Advantage

Switch: Sales Transformation for Strategic Advantage

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Selling ice to Eskimos’ has always been cited as the role model for all sales persons. With the mindset of meeting targets at all costs, approaches to sales tend to be desperate, aggressive, and highly intrusive. Sales management continues to give precedence to effort over effectiveness and to near-term over long-term gains, and tends to blame the sales persons for lack of success. Customer-centricity is at the heart of transforming the sales effectiveness of any organisation. Switch is focused on business-to-business sales transformation and promotes customer success as the key to a company’s success. Is your time of targeting in the customer’s best interest? How can you nurture customers so that they are ready for your products and services? How will you deliver new value that a customer is not aware of, and how do you support them in their decision-making? These are some of the concepts covered in this book. The approaches have been shared in fictional short story form and summarised through a section entitled Insight at the end of each story. The stories discuss three different dimensions that need to be addressed to transform any organisation’s sales: transformation of attitude and approach to the customer, transformation of engagement with the customer, and transformation of the management of the sales process.

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Language: English
Publisher: Westland
Stock Code: 9789387578197
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Paper Count: 350
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9.78939E+12
Publishing Year: 2018

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