• Strategic Talent Management

Strategic Talent Management

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Too many organizations view Talent Management/HR as a “Cost Center.” For over 30 years, Dr. Denis Cauvier has advocated that HR needs to be seen and held accountable as a “Profit Center.” Today’s hyper competitive and disruptive business environment requires an agile workforce to survive let alone succeed. To accomplish this business owners, senior leaders and talent managers need to change their focus from spending money on Talent Management and instead start making strategic investments. When people think in terms of investments, they expect certain returns from these investments. Talent Management is no different. Each investment needs to be analyzed to consider the business case rationale before proceeding, and then measured to determine the actual contribution made to the bottom line. Many case examples from Dr. Cauvier’s international consulting practice will showcase specific Talent Management solutions and the ROI generated. Strategic Talent Management – How to Boost Your Profits In a Disruptive Economy also includes dozens of ready to use tools, checklists and templates to facilitate the implementation of Dr. Cauvier’s concepts.

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Publishing Year: 2018

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