• Something For Nothing

Something For Nothing

Brian Tracy
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Why we do the things we do. In his characteristic, no-nonsense style, international bestselling author Brian Tracy, explains that there is an epidemic sweeping the world today that of the something for nothing mentality. This epidemic is rooted in the out-of-control and insatiable demands of thousands and millions of people. Today the world's greatness is being undermined by people using various means to steal other people's dreams and money. Rather than participate and innovate in the marketplace, generating goods and services that benefit society, people are increasingly vying for political advantage to live at the expense of others. In this influential book, Tracy reminds us that our greatness is based on honesty, integrity and fair dealing. Tracy proves that this something for nothing attitude has never been the way of the world and helps readers set a personal and culture-wide agenda for change.

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Language: English
Publisher: Jacio Publishing House
Stock Code: 9788184950564
Paper Count: 264
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788184950564
Publishing Year: 2008

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