• Smoothies and Co (Yvan's Workshop)

Smoothies and Co (Yvan's Workshop)

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The daily recommendation to stay healthy includes five fruits and vegetables. So, Yvan decided to help his readers eat them in an original way as juices. He chose to use a centrifuge juicer, which preserves all the nutritional qualities vitamins, minerals, trace elements found in the fruits and vegetables. On the menu, you ll find: - mainly vegetable juices: fennel tonic; carrot juice, salt, no dressing; iced garden juice; and more; - combined fruit and vegetable juices: tomato shock, radish and co., etc.; - mainly fruit juices: cherry elixir, banana happy, and others; - cocktails: vitamin-filled pastis, sun-basked cognac, to name but two... ... and there are health tonics that only take a few minutes to prepare! In addition, Yvan is always overflowing with ideas, so he also proposes variations in the form of milkshakes, sherbets, ices, verrines and vitamin-filled dishes.

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Language: English
Publisher: Romain Pages Publishing
Stock Code: 9781906909000
Paper Count: 96
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781906909000
Publishing Year: 2009

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