• Naturally Beautiful Your Skin

Naturally Beautiful Your Skin

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Naturally Beautiful is a tribute: a tribute to the beauty, culture and tradition of Indian womanhood. A culture that has been known for the simplicity of its principles and one whose roots are buried in age-old tradition. Indian beauty has now come into its own and is duly recognized the world over for its calm, intrinsic wholeness. The modern woman has gone back to nature and tradition for looking and feeling beautiful. This book takes us back to simple, time-tested potions, home remedies, to what 'mother knows best', easily made from the ingredients generally found in an average household kitchen. Simple yet detailed, it leads the modern woman to a vast storehouse of beauty secrets. Soft, smooth skin and well-sculpted hands have been known to send poets into raptures. The skin, hands and feet need special care and treatment to deal with the ravages of the environment. This book unfolds age-old potions and remedies that keep them pampered and young.

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Language: English
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Stock Code: 9788171678853
Paper Count: 70
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788171678853
Publishing Year: 2002

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