• Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

Jay Conrad Levinson
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In true guerrilla marketing tradition, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green presents unbeatable insurgent tactics for increasing your profits while improving your planet. This book provides both the theory and the practical roadmap. It presents good reasons why ethical businesses work better and also offers solid marketing tools that these ethical business owners can harness in order to grow their businesses. For struggling businesses that haven't learned how to market themselves as ethical, environmentally friendly, active corporate citizens that their prospects want to do business with, it could be a lifeline. The book also discuss blogs, social networking websites (not just Facebook and My Space, but several lesser-known ones, such as Plaxo), podcasts and teleseminars. Table of Contents: Preface: Tastes Great and Good for You Acknowledgments If You've Already Read Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First Introduction: Green Marketing is a Mandate from Nature Part I: The Way of the Golden Rule Chapter 1 - Because People Matter Chapter 2 - Basic Concepts Chapter 3 - Advantages of Doing the Right Thing Chapter 4 - Marketing versus Adversarial Sales Chapter 5 - Sales the Right Way Chapter 6 - Expand the Model Exponentially by Making It Personal Part II: The New Marketing Mindset Chapter 7 - The New Marketing Matrix Chapter 8 - Abundance versus Scarcity Chapter 9 - Build Powerful Alliances, with Competitors, Too Chapter 10 - How the Abundance Paradigm Eliminates the Need to Dominate a Market and Allows You to Chapter 11 - Exceptions: Are There Cases When Market Share Really Does Matter? Chapter 12 - Some Real Loyalty Programs from Big Companies Chapter 13 - Marketing Green Part III: Hands-On with Cooperative, People-Centered Marketing Chapter 14 - Getting Noticed in the Noise and Clutter: A Brief Introduction to Effective Marketing Techniques Chapter 15 - Practical Tools for Effective Marketing Chapter 16 - Give the People What They Want Chapter 17 - Marketing as Social Change and Social Change as Marketing Chapter 18 - Community-Focused and Charity/Social Change Marketing Chapter 19 - Taking the Concept beyond Marketing: Abundance and Sustainability in Businesses and in Society Chapter 20 - Abundance and Wealth Creation Chapter 21 - Resources Web Links More Help from Jay and Shel Notes Index

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Language: English
Publisher: Wiley India Pvt Ltd
Stock Code: 9788126527496
Paper Count: 264
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788126527496
Publishing Year: 2010

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