• Finance for Non-Finance

Finance for Non-Finance

Vishal Thakkar
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About This Book

We all know money and finance. We have learnt it over our journey called life with "transactions" becoming "learning experiences" of life. When it comes to money, there is no better way of learning rather than doing it yourself. But, at times, we miss the lessons provided by life and we tend to repeat our mistakes. Whether you like reading or not, this book will help you to pause, do a reality check and continue again in your wealth creation journey of life. It will help you reflect on the mistakes, we generally make, in our day to day lives with regards to money. The entire wealth cycle of earning, saving, investing and enjoying wealth is covered in a very simple, day to day language in the book. Practical examples, dialogues with real people and experiences from shopping malls to movie theaters and cabs to airports are covered to put across a point. If you were to summarize this book in one line, it would be a "super self help guide to eliminating financial challenges in life". Go ahead and have a happy reading experience.

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Language: English
Publisher: TV 18 Broadcast Limited
Stock Code: 9789384061210
Paper Count: 312
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789384061210
Publishing Year: 2015

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