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Chris Treadaway
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Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day is the ultimate step-by-step guide to developing a winning Facebook strategy, implementing the campaign and then measuring and reporting on the results. The first part of the book quickly gets readers up to speed on today's Facebook conventions and demographics and then outlines the broad strategic considerations marketers must consider. Readers are then guided step-by-step through crafting a successful initial presence on Facebook and then guided day-by-day through how to develop an overall Facebook marketing strategy by setting goals, defining metrics, developing reports, getting corporate buy in and integrating the Facebook strategy with other internet marketing activities. Readers are then shown how to execute on the strategy and leverage and incorporate all of Facebook's relevant features. The final portion of the book discusses the marketing metrics that matter and how to update, monitor, refine and maintain a Facebook marketing campaign. Full of interesting case studies, step-by-step guides and hands-on tutorials and written in the popular An Hour a Day format, in which intimidating topics are broken down into easily approachable tasks, this book is sure to help marketers and others develop, implement, measure and maintain a successful Facebook strategy. Table of Contents: Introduction Chapter 1 - Internet Marketing 1985 - 2010 The Humble Beginnings of Social Marketing The Emergence of Social Networks Social Media by the Numbers and by Feel What Social Media in 2010 Tells Us about the Future of Marketing Realistic Social Marketing Expectations A Few Thoughts Regarding Consumer Engagement Chapter 2 - What is Facebook? Social Networking and Social Media Defined Social Network Landscape Seven Truths of Social Networks What You Want: Viral Marketing Other Opportunities in Social Networking Campaign Ideas Facebook Basics Friending The News Feed Chapter 3 - Develop a Facebook Strategy and Measure Success Defining Your Facebook Presence Close-Up of a Successful Social Media Campaign Defining Your Social Media Product Your Facebook To-Do List Chapter 4 - Month 1: Create the Plan and Get Started Week 1: Lay the Groundwork Week 2: Draft and Present the Plan Week 3: Establish a Presence with the Facebook Profile and Friends Week 4: Use Basic Facebook Features to Promote Yourself Chapter 5 - Month 2: Establish Corporate Presence with Pages and Groups Week 1: Learn About Pages and Groups Week 2: Determine and Execute Content Strategy Week 3: Add and Experiment with Content Week 4: Monitor and Modify the Plan Chapter 6 - Month 3: Create Demand with Facebook Ads Week 1: Learn the Basics of Facebook Advertising Week 2: Build the Dashboard and Collect Data Week 3: Refine Your Campaign Using A/B and Multivariate Testing Week 4: Analyze and Adjust the Campaign Chapter 7 - Month 4: Advanced Tactics and Campaign Integration Week 1: Understand Essential Advanced Tactics Week 2: Learn About Facebook Connect, Widgets, Fan Boxes Week 3: Integrate Your Efforts with Multichannel Marketing Week 4: Conduct Advanced Analytics Chapter 8 - Customized Experiences via Facebook Applications Facebook Applications: A Brief History Facebook Apps Today Optimize Your Fan Page with Apps What You'll Need to Build a Facebook Application Monetize Your App The Future: Applications on Mobile Devices Chapter 9 - The Analytics of Facebook Keep Score with Metrics and Monitoring Facebook Return on Investment and the Mayo Medical School Measure Engagement with Insights When Facebook Isn't Quite Enough: Landing Pages Chapter 10 - Organizational Considerations Roles and Responsibilities How Facebook Works in Different Organizations Appendix A Resources Some Final Tips on Facebook for B2B Marketing Companion Website Other Reading Material Social Media Tools You Can Use Appendix B The Future of Facebook Dave Kerpen Scott McCaskill Lauren Cooney Jesse Stay Nick O'Neill Kevin Tate Glossary Index

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Language: English
Publisher: Wiley India Pvt Ltd
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Paper Count: 312
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9.78813E+12
Publishing Year: 2010

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