• Jules Lewis

Jules Lewis

Julie Miles Lewis works with organizations that want to create next level performers who will succeed in a challenging and changing marketplace. With over three decades in the self - leadership, resilience and peak performance field Julie is the “ go to woman “ for you, your team, and your organization.

Julie is a British motivational speaker, author, personal leadership specialist and founder of Mountain High. Lewis spent 18 years in the Health, Fitness and Sports management industry before, in 2003, establishing Mountain High, an organization offering unique signature expeditions, which allow participants to explore the planet and challenge their physical and mental capabilities. She has trained and led multi-national teams of men and women on more than 58 expeditions to over 20 countries to include the Arctic and Antarctica. Julie has climbed 19 high-altitude mountains, reaching a personal best of 7000m on Cho Oyu in Tibet. Jules has facilitated expeditions to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer in the United Arab Emirates. In 2012, she took the first and only team of breast cancer survivors from the U.A.E. to Antarctica for an 11-day multi-activity challenge.

Are you ready to take your teams and organization to the NEXT LEVEL and start MOVING MOUNTAINS!

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