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Rujuta Diwekar
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" Don't Lose your mind, Lose your weight by Rujuta Diwekar, the one behind Kareena Kapoor's marvellous figure is a refreshing read. Unlike preachy, regimental, tough and curtail some diets, the book offers realistic measures that can be adopted in order to stay healthy and fit. Don't count the calories, count whether you're fit is what the author vouches for. Narrating her interactions with different clients and people from all walks of life, she subtly conveys the message of how to eat right. The book explores the fad behind crash diets, disadvantages of having Sugarfree, eating in a relaxed manner, eating whole fruits - not cutting them retains their nutrients, eating according to one's genes and eating local produce and seasonal food. I was thrilled to read that having Paneer parantha is better than having Pizza. Rujuta also warns that people lost not only their weight to Atkins diet, but also their health. She suggests eating everything (which is what I love about this book), but at the right time, right quantity and at the right intervals. Indulge in sweets once a week(don't eat them with a meal though !), have home-made pakoras once a month(immediately after frying ),she says. She explains thru examples that processed food is harmful as it contains Transfats. I was dumbstruck when I read that including nuts, cheese and other dairy products in your daily diet is good for your health. Sticking to cooking in your mother's Iron pot, kadhai or tawa is good as adds Iron to your body. Sources of different Vitamins and their importance are mentioned in an interesting manner. Take for instance, Vitamin A supports our immune system and helps prevent cancer, Vitamin E protects the heart, Vitamin K helps in building healthy bones, Vitamin C is an antioxidant and Vitamin B helps metabolise Carbohydrates, aids digestion, improves nerve function and prevents Depression. Avoid waking up to Tea/Coffee, eat small meals frequently and eat dinner 2 hours before you sleep are her primary tips to the health-conscious person. Exercise at least 3 hours a week and remember that ""Exercise is a way to improve fitness, blood circulation and to love the body."" The book is well-structured, livened up with examples, diet charts, tips and much much more. So, go grab your copy too !! (or one for your partner !!) This book was gifted to me by my hubby and has made more aware of how to eat right and exercise regularly. Thanks Vikash (my hubby) and thanks Rujuta for coming up with such an interesting book !! --Aparna Chandra Jan 18, 2013 About the Author The author of Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, Rujuta Diwekar, won the Nutrition Award in the year 2010. She won this sought-after award from the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology. She received instant success with her first book, selling more than two lack books in four different languages. She is also the only nutritionist who received accreditation from the Sports Dieticians, which is based in Australia. "

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Language: English
Publisher: RHI
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Paper Count: 288
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788184001051
Publishing Year: 2009

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