• Die poor or Live rich

Die poor or Live rich

Snehdeep Fulzule
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We live in an unexplained world where the poor walk miles to earn food and the rich walk miles to digest food. Which one would you like to be? Wealth has become a barometer of value we add to our life. We cannot have decent life without money yet few have mastered it. How can you become the master of money? Learn to invite abundant money in your life, keep it and grow it. Find what is stopping you from achieving financial freedom. Make your money work even if you don't. Get answers to your financial dilemmas: Why will banks never make you rich? Why is inflation poisonous to money? Why should you stay in your own house and not a rented accommodation? Do you need to work harder to earn more money? And many more, Die Poor or Live Rich, Introduces you to 10 Characteristics of Money and 20 Secrets of Money that will surely change your financial life. Die Poor or Live Rich. Explains the concept of money like never before. It is designed to take the reader through the jungle of money, one tree at a time. Die Poor or Live Rich Your Life Your Choice Revealed 'Secrets of Money' that the rich use and poor don

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Language: English
Publisher: Network 18 Publications
Stock Code: 9789380200637
Paper Count: 300
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789380200637
Publishing Year: 2013

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