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We live in a century where, thanks to the forces of competition and technological developments, practically every industry is now becoming a knowledge industry. The rising expectations of people who belong to these industries - the knowledge workers, knowledge vendors and knowledge customers, who seek improved working conditions, commercial relations and product/service quality – is actually a force that drives organizational creativity and innovation… The book draws on global research for insights on organizational creativity. The premise of the book is that in order to thrive tomorrow, we need to create visionaries today who can see and seize opportunities and not be daunted or be petrified by the adversities. We need to better understand the nature of creativity in the workplace and learn to harness it effectively in organizations. Written by an accomplished creativity researcher, trainer and management consultant, P N Khandwalla, the book focuses on management of creativity as distinct from general creativity. Since the management of creativity involves various collectives teams, departments, associations of organizations, even governance systems, communities and societies, the book takes a wide as well as deep look at creative behavior in an organizational setting in which policies, goals, structures, systems and so forth, call the shots. Key highlights: Numerous anecdotes and caselets Various models of creativity Techniques for creative problem solving Quiz and Mental Gym at the end of each chapter Instruments Drawings

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Language: English
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
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Paper Count: 374
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ISBN: 9780070499492
Publishing Year: 2017

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