• Are you ready for the corner office?

Are you ready for the corner office?

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This book is a collection of 25 inspiring stories about the unique and personal developmental journey of 25 senior leaders towards the corner office. Seen through the eyes of their Executive Coaches, each of these stories tell us how they found answers to critical questions such as 'Am I ready for it?', 'How do I prepare to get there?', 'How do I learn to succeed once I get there and how can I enjoy the journey while I am at it?' The term 'corner office' is really a metaphor for anything significant that these leaders wanted to achieve in their professional careers and personal lives. This unique collection of coaching stories is meant to inspire, help and educate many other leaders who are on a similar quest. Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction I: The corner office seen through the keyhole of executive coaching Executive Coaching in the Indian context The Human Side of Leader Development II: Enhancing Emotional Intelligence The Place of Emotional Intelligence in Leader Effectiveness - B.J. Prashantham The Importance of the Emotional Side of your Personality When the Flaw Turns Fatal Low Self-Esteem Can Derail a Leader's Career III: Shaping Attitudes and Beliefs Why Attitudes and Beliefs Affect a Leader's Effectiveness - Zahid Ganjee Transporting the Winning Attitude What Makes People Miserable Executives Succeed When They Refuse to Become Victims of Their Circumstances Celebrating the Feminine Side of a Woman's Leadership Style IV: Developing New Skills, Styles and Behaviours Why Skills, Style and Behaviours Make Such a Huge Difference to a Leader's Effectiveness - Santrupt Misra Catching Up on Missed Managerial Learning Milestones Developing This Mysterious Thing Called Executive Presence Growing a Business through Disciplined Leadership Helping the Chosen One Claim his Succession Space V: Acquiring Global Competencies Why Global Competencies Are So Critical Today - Anil Sachdev When Indian Executives Must Measure up to Global Benchmarks It Takes Innovation and Effort to Crack the Competency Code VI: Managing Career Transitions Why Career Transitions are Always Challenging - Aroon Joshi Waking Up and Smelling the Coffee The Anxiety of Not Having a Position of Authority Revisiting Functional Leadership The Need for a Coach-Mentor Partnership to Facilitate Radical Career Shift VII: Grappling With Emerging Executive And Entrepreneurial Agendas How Do Executives and Entrepreneurs Grapple with Their Compelling Agendas - R Ramaraj When a Young Entrepreneur Has to Make a Life-Altering Decision Coaching Principles Applied to Peer to Peer Business Mentoring The Importance of a Thinking Partner VIII: Enhancing Coaching Effectiveness What Contributes to Coaching Effectiveness - R R Nair The Power of Public Accountability in Influencing Change It Takes Trust, Time and Team Work to Succeed The Pygmalion Effect in Coaching An Introduction to Typical Coaching Processes and Some of the Frequently Used Terms

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Language: English
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ISBN: 9788132113720
Publishing Year: 2014

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