• Who Stole My Calories?

Who Stole My Calories?

Madhuri Ruia
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A Health & Fitness Novel Like No Other! Woven around the theme of mental and physical fitness, Who Stole My Calories? by health-expert Madhuri Ruia is a marvellous account of how our weight issues affect our relationships, social life, career and all things that matter.Former Miss Teen Natasha Sharma’s life tumbles downhill after her mother’s suicide. A perplexed Natasha alienates herself from the world and dives headlong into a junk- food binge. But instead of solace she finds herself some extra kilos, blotchy skin, mood swings and raging hormones. Natasha, once bikini fit, is now, depressed and obese, with no company, job or suitor.Enter her old friend Susan who is on a mission to transform Natasha’s world. Susan takes the reins of Natasha’s health regime. Together, Natasha and

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Language: English
Publisher: Jacio Publishing House
Stock Code: 9788184954029
Paper Count: 232
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9.78818E+12
Publishing Year: 2016

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