• Martin Pring's Introduction to Technical Analysis  ( K )

Martin Pring's Introduction to Technical Analysis ( K )

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About This Book

This new edition of Introduction to Technical Analysis explains how to evaluate trends, highs, lows, price/column relationships, price patterns, moving averages and momentum indicators for a contemporary audience, using fully new, updated charts, diagrams and examples. Pring uses his trademark expertise and engaging writing style to simplify concepts for traders. Links to an exclusive downloadable video featuring original content and in-depth explanations of the material is also included. Salient features: • Research and construct instantly valuable charts of stock and market activity • Interpret the basic concepts of momentum and apply the theory to actual trades through a common sense set of trading strategies • Use price and volume pattern to identify breakouts • Analyze and act on peaks and troughs that can signal a change in the prevailing trend • Calculate moving averages and gauge their impact

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Language: English
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
Stock Code: 9789352602605
UPC: 1
Paper Count: 320
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789352602605
Publishing Year: 2017

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